Work to coordinate and monitor initiatives and actions to ensure the Bank operates in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, policies and standards including those relevant to the prevention of money laundering

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Regulatory Risk Identification and Policy Setting

Maintain and update an inventory of Laws and Regulations that are applicable to the Bank and perform gap analysis to the new legislation and advise impacted business function.
Perform Group, Business and Legal KCSAs for Compliance Function and capture result in Optial/Phoenix as appropriate.
Regulatory Relationship Management

Develop the relationship with the country's Regulator, along with the Country Compliance Manager according to the Regulatory Relationship Plan.
Support in acting as the Bank single point of contact for inquiries related to SAR's
Regulatory Advice

Provide timely regulatory advice and recommendations on key issues (including on Prudential Regulation, in partnership with Finance and Risk Functions).
Provide guidance on proper application and interpretation of banking laws, regulations and policies applicable to the country.
Assist Country Compliance Manager and Head of CB Legal and Compliance in overseeing relevant administration and licensing as required by the local regulatory requirements.
Regulatory Compliance Training

Deliver a program of activities that educates and encourages managers and staff to operate in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and policies. Such training would include key group compliance policies and regulatory issues.
Compliance Monitoring

Work to implement the risk-based Compliance Monitoring Plan to include: relevant ORA, business specific compliance reviews, other functional compliance reviews, routine checks and approvals.
Perform Regulatory Compliance Reviews to assess compliance with local regulations and compliance policies, escalating issues to Country Compliance Manager.
Compliance Reporting

Assist Country Compliance Manager to prepare regular and accurate reports that demonstrate understanding provide clear analysis and are escalated to the relevant risk managers and governance bodies.
Help to handle ad hoc enquiries and surveys as requested by the regulators from time to time.
Compliance Business Partnering

Use general knowledge of business products undertaken in the jurisdiction to work with business compliance specialists to respond to regulatory questions.
Assist the Country Compliance Manager and Head of CB Legal and Compliance in ensuring that the Bank and its subsidiaries operate in accordance with the relevant local requirements and Group regulatory compliance standards, so as to protect and enhance the reputation of the Bank.
Provide support to business in complying with the new and changing regulations, as well as group policies and standards.
Assist country management to ensure internal resources, systems, procedures and controls are in place, documented and operating effectively in order to mitigate money laundering risk. Coordinate implementation of country level programmes and initiatives to enhance AML awareness and efforts.
Ensure close working relationship with the business, operational risk and FCR resources and ensure that there is a clear delineation of duties and responsibilities among various parties.

Qualifications and Skills

Product Knowledge - Knowledge of business areas and their products and the relevant regulatory and legal requirements that apply.
Governance and Legal Structure - Knowledge of the system of internal controls that enables effective management of the affairs of the Group locally.
Interpretation & Regulatory/ Policy Advisory Guidance - The ability to identify and assess relevant laws and regulations to provide solutions to business needs.
Detailed knowledge of local laws and regulations including
A thorough knowledge of Group policies and how they apply to the local market environment;
An ability to offer considered practical and cost effective solutions to ensure regulatory compliance.
Governmental and Regulatory Relationships - The ability to manage the relationship with relevant government and regulatory stakeholders, to understand their concerns and influence them to effectively manage our external operating environment. A good operational knowledge of the processes and procedures involved in the maintenance and enhancement of the Regulatory Relationship Plan.
Products and Services Delivery - Knowledge of local regulations, Group and business policies and procedures as they apply to local business products. Knowledge of local and regional/global (where appropriate) regulatory developments and understanding of how these affect local delivery of products and services. High-level of understanding of the products and services of the Bank.
Business management - Ability to make balanced commercial judgments and provide pragmatic solutions. Ability to drive efficiencies and innovation in achieving objectives. Good relationship and customer management skills