Cashewnut Industry Development Trust Fund-Agricultural and Extension Field Officers


The Cashewnut Industry Development Trust Fund (CIDTF) is a body incorporated under the provisions of Trustees’ Incorporation Act (Chapter 375 RE 2002). The main objective of the Fund is to provide a mechanism through with stakeholders could contribute and finance shared functions for sustainable development of the cashew sub-sector. The main stakeholders of the Fund are The Central Government, Local Government Authorities (LGAs) growing cashew, Cashewnut processors and Cashewnut farmers. The Fund has been in operation since year 2010 and has accomplished great strides in areas of inputs sourcing and distribution, training and extension services, supporting small and medium processors, supporting cashew research activities, strengthening the cashew marketing system and investment planning whereof it is currently embarking on establishing the new cashewnut processing factories. CIDTF has also embarked in a large cashew planting project starting 2016/2017 season.
CIDTF is therefore looking for qualified, dynamic and experienced Tanzanian to fill the following vacancies:

POSITON:            Agricultural and Extension Field Officers (2 posts)
REPORTS TO:      Agricultural and Extension Manager
LOCATON:           Mtwara

To assist in the attainment of the Fund’s cashewnut production growth strategy by effectively implementing, monitory and evaluating the cashew planting projects.

Ø  Liasing and working closely with District Subject Matter Specialists of Cashewnut.
Ø  To assist clients in timely preparation of needed planting materials.
Ø  To assist timely distribution of planting materials to nursery producers and farmers
Ø  Follow ups to ensure that all distributed seeds and seedlings are planted and well kept to growth.
Ø  Training and capacity building to farmers and village/ward extension officers on good agricultural practices.
Ø  Maintaining up to date directory of cashewnut farmers.
Ø  To assist in ensuring that all contractual obligations are complied with including contracts signing, timely supply, p
Ø  To assist in ensuring that all contractual obligations are complied with, including contracts signing, timely supply, production, distribution, documentation projects monitoring and evaluation.
Ø  Performa any other duties assigned by superiors.

Ø  Good University degree in Agronomy, Agriculture (General), Agriculture Education & Extension or equivalent qualification from recognized insti
Ø  At least two years of post-qualification experiencd