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Source Dailynews, 5th Oct 2016

The Ministry of Health, Community development, Gender, Elderly and Children pursues candidates for the following posts

4. Job title; Data analyst (one post)
Department: Preventive Servicers at National TB and Leprosy
Program NTLP
Unit: Central TB Reference Laboratory (CTRL)
Reporting to: Head of CTRL.

Purpose of the Job: To supervise, manage and analyses TB. and Leprosy data and TB/HIV in the Programme.

Duties and responsibilities for the post of data analyst:
To assist the head of CTRL as data analyst and other duties which the employer may call the upon the employee to perform
To supervise Collection of programme data and verify quality TB, and Leprosy and TB/HN data from various sources.
Compile and analyses data in accordance with programme indicators.
Develop summary reports on TB and Leprosy and TB/HIV control activities within NTLP scope.
To work closely with NTLP staff on all matters related to data analysis and management.
Collaborate with other stakeholders in training of health workers in monitoring and evaluation.

Academic qualifications and experience:
1. Degree in Statistics or Mathematics from recognizer institutions.
2. At least 2 years' experience in Health Management information system.
A problem-solving and interpersonal skill.
4. Good skill in use of statistical package software
5. Goo command in English both in speaking and writing
6. Preferably a Tanzania citizen not more than 45 years of age

All applications enclosed with certified copies of relevant certificates and detailed curriculum vitae should be addressed to under mentioned officer within two weeks from the date of first appearance of this advertisement.
Candidates who are currently employed should channel their applications through their employers. Applicants are advised to avail contact addre5ses Including emails and telephone numbers •
All applications should be sent to
Permanent secretary
Ministry of Health, Community development,
Gender, Elderly and Children.
PO. BOX 9083
Dar -es -Salaam

ATN : Programme manager .•
National TB and Leprosy programme.


  • Please follow the application instructions

Application Deadline: 19 Oct 2016