HITECH INTERNATIONAL is an engineering group, manufacturer and supplier of various machines and equipment. We are in the business of creating employment and increase profitability by providing profitable business opportunities as well as improving operational efficiency through manufacturing, distribution and supply of various affordable machines, tools and equipment to micro, small, medium and large companies in Africa.

Reporting to:
General Manager:
Finance & Administration Manager
The Finance & Administration Manager is responsible for the efficient running of HITECH INTERNATIONAL back-office operations, the effective control of its financial and human resources, and of the technical, IT and administrative systems, in order to contribute to the delivery of the company’s overall commercial objectives.
Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
Key Objectives and Responsibilities:
• - To manage the Company’s financial affairs, including management and statutory accounts together with longer term financial projections and to ensure that the most efficient and effective financial control systems and reporting mechanisms are in place.
• - To prepare quarterly management accounts and projections and other relevant reports, in consultation with the General Manager and other departments, for presentation to the Board of Directors
• - To prepare the year-end financial accounts for audit and to liaise with the Auditors prior to sign-off.
• - To supervise the production of regular salary payments and records, National Insurance and pension 
contributions in accordance with Government regulations.
• - To liaise with Revenue, Customs & Excise and the Auditors, and to ensure completion of PAYE/NIC, 
VAT, PRS and other returns to the Tax authorities, Insurance and Pension Schemes.
• - To ensure that taxes, including VAT are fully 
understood and that these are complied with
• - To oversee all VAT matters and keeping abreast of 
current VAT legislation.
• - To deal with the company’s bank account (currently NMB) in respect of payments and receipts, foreign currency 
rate and currency hedging negotiations. To ensure that all bank accounts and credit card statements are 
regularly reviewed and reconciled.
• - To efficiently manage all external contracts, and to ensure that all the Company’s expenditure is correctly 
authorized and accounted for.
• - To ensure the overall smooth running of the Company’s internal administration and its cost-effectiveness.
• - To manage, in conjunction with the General Manager, staff contracts and HR matters.
• - To manage personnel procedures in relation to recruitment, training, holidays and appraisals, ensuring 
these are properly documented, and advise on relevant policies.
• - To ensure that appropriate policies are in place with regard to procurement and tendering processes to 
secure the best deals for HITECH INTERNATIONAL from service providers.
• - To maintain a risk register.
• - To ensure that the Company’s legal responsibilities are met, in particular that all necessary insurance is 
properly in place.
• - To be responsible for Data Protection, Copyright Licensing and patent rights, 
compliance and fees.
• - To be responsible for the Company’s IT resources, maintaining and reviewing the most appropriate and 
efficient systems.
• - To assist the General Manager in reviewing the feasibility of incorporating the activities of HITECH INTERNATIONAL

Part One: Experience and Qualifications
• - Accounting qualification and post-qualification experience
• - Successful track record of managing operations and financial and management accounting
• - Experience of managing IT resources
• - Experience of managing staff and associated employment issues
• - Previous experience in the financial and administrative operations of a complex performing engineering organization. 
[desirable, not essential] 
Part Two: Knowledge, Skills and Competencies
- Excellent problem-solving skills.
- Excellent planner and strategic thinker.
- Excellent risk management and cost control skills.
- Ability to take responsibility for decisions made and to learn from the outturn.
- Ability to deliver timely results despite obstacles and limited resources.
- A strong grasp of all relevant legislation and of how it applies to the role.
- Commercial acumen and ability to think creatively.
- Excellent advocacy, presentation and communication skills.
- Good understanding of relevant IT systems
- Excellent negotiation and relationship management skills.
Part Three: Personal Style and Behavior
- Self-motivation, a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for change.
- Understanding and interest in the machinery and tool business.
- Committed to a positive approach to equality of opportunity and community engagement.
- A positive, communicative personality that engenders confidence in others.
- A keen interest in satisfying internal and external customers.
All applications including CV and other relevant documents must be submitted electronically to

DEADLINE: 30TH OCTOBER, 2016e and open line-manager and colleague.