Nafasi za kazi Alistair -Forwarder



Alistair Group makes our clients' businesses work better in Africa by self-delivering integrated logistics solutions. We are an asset-based organization run by a professional and highly experienced team focused on bringing efficiency, execution culture and best practice to our customers’ operations.

Job description

1. Essential Skills:

  • Leadership skills to motivate and inspire team members

  • Clear communication skills ensuring clear and candid information

  • Strong senior management skills ensuring efficient use of resources

  • Computer Literacy to effectively operate and manipulate online management systems

  • Faultless administration skills ensuring accurate and efficient procedures

  • Business development skills to drive through change and ensure continuous business process improvements


2. Qualifications:

  • A minimum of University Graduate Degree in any business management discipline or equivalent vocational experience in Clearing and Forwarding / Management Logistics Service Industry

  • Hold a Clearing & Forwarding Licence: East African Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding Practicing Certificate (Desirable)

  • Hold a Clearing Forwarding Licence (Desirable)

  • LEAN SIX SIGMA (Desirable)

3. Overall Purpose

Develop Alistair James Company Clearing and Forwarding capacity. Ensure timely and efficient port and border clearing service across the entire Alistair James Company Area of Operations. The main effort is the effective planning and co-ordination of all clearing and forwarding activity and with emphasis on ensuring all desk officers comply with established and developing procedures and current legislation in all countries of operation. Champion a cycle of continuous improvement at all levels throughout the department. Actively promote and maintain the Alistair Logistics Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality standards.


4. Accountabilities & Responsibility Areas

·         Port Clearance & Forwarding, Transit Goods - Establishment and implementation of a robust port clearing processes in order to consistently meet or exceed the KPI of 4-day port clearance processing time and Nil Storage charges.

·         Port Clearance, Import Goods - Establishment and implementation of a robust Port Clearing system and processes in order to consistently meet or exceed the KPI of 7-day port clearance processing time.

·         Border Clearance & Forwarding, Import/Transit/Export Goods - Establishment and implementation of a robust Border Clearing Processes for all borders within the Alistair James Company area of Operations in order to consistently meet or exceed the KPI of 12-hour/same day border crossing processing time and Nil Storage charges.

·         Freight Container Management – directly responsible for establishment, implementation and management of a robust and accurate container tracking system in order to consistently ensure return of containers within agreed ‘free-transit’ windows in order to meet the KPI of Zero Demurrage Charges

·         Clearing and Forwarding Business Development - Work in conjunction with Business Development and AJC General Manager to develop and promote Alistair Clearing Services to Alistair Customer Base in order to generate business and grow ‘end-to-end’ customer service capability. KPI is to double revenue income per fiscal year

·         Clearing Agent Monitoring and Management – Monitor, manage and drive clearing agent to meet all clearing key-stage KPIs are met. Measure and recommend improvements through the creation and analysis of monthly ‘Exception Reports’ in order to identify areas for improvement and demonstrate robust management and monitoring of all clearance processes.

·         Act as the subject matter expert on all clearance issues by providing direction and support to Fleet managers to ensure best-practice for all port and border clearance and ensuring Operations Transit Time KPIs are consistently met.

location: Tanzania

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