The US Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Plumber in the Facilities Maintenance Office.


Performs skilled plumbing installation, troubleshooting and repair work for all US Government properties 112 GOV Owned/LTL and STL ,Embassy and USAID. Operate water treatment plants, portable and waste water and booster pumping station at the Embassy. Performs skilled plumbing installation, troubleshooting and repair work for all US Government properties.

(25% of time)
Installs and maintains large industrial electric and solar water heaters, installs and maintains large water treatment facilities from engineering drawings, installs and maintains large waste water treatment facilities, installs troubleshoots and repairs underground pipe connections up to 10 inches or 250 MM in diameter, installs copper pipes, CPC pipes, UPVC pipes, Galvanized pipes, Cast Iron pipes, ductile iron pipes, and all pressure pumps up to 250 horsepower. Maintain, repair and install all types of plumbing equipment including lavatories, sinks, cisterns and bathtubs.

(25% of time)
Conducts preventive maintenance (PM) for all plumbing systems pumps and water treatment systems at the embassy and all residences. All connections must be able to withstand 6 bar minimal pressure. Estimates, plans and schedules all jobs by examining assigned work, estimating total materials necessity, making materials requests and ascertaining that total required materials have been issued by the warehouse personnel prior to starting project or task. Examines instructions and in conjunction with Supervisor determineswork priorities. Maintains, repairs and fits all types of plumbing equipment including pressure pumps, water tanks, piping distribution systems, lavatories, sinks, showers, clothes washing machines, cisterns and bathtubs at all Mission residences and NEC.

(25% of time)
Assists in maintaining Reverse Osmosis, Water Storage Tanks, Tank Farms, Sewage Effluent Lift Stations, Grease Traps, Storm Drainage System, underground fuel systems, and wastewater plants no matter where on USG property they are located. Conduct plumbing PM. Coordinates with water supply authority when necessary. Operate and keep track of the performance of the Portable Water treatment plant (PWTP) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant, Waste Water treatment plant (WWTP) and Pup stations at the Embassy.

(10% of time)
Maintain records of all materials used for plumbing work at the embassy and on site. Work with manufacturers' manuals and technical drawings, from blueprints and drawings as necessary.

(10% of time)
Carry out welding and soldering assignments for the works at the Embassy and residences. Works with masons to fit all necessary piping.

(5% of time)
Carry out all other duties as tasked by Maintenance Foreman, Maintenance Supervisor and American Supervisor.
-- Performs job activities and duties in a responsible manner to avoid the creation of safety or health hazards; Conforms to established safety and health policies and procedures; properly utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment as required by job activity; informs supervisor of all accidents, illnesses and injuries; promptly reports unsafe or hazardous conditions.

All applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

Completion of Secondary School (form IV) is required. Completion of vocation training or equivalent experience is required.
Three years plumbing experience is required, particularly related to water pumping and treatment. Three years of industrialized type plumbing experience is required.
Level III (good working knowledge) in English and Level IV (fluent) in Kiswahili (speaking, writing and reading) is required (This will be tested).
Skills and Abilities:
Ability to use all plumbing related hand tools and all plumbing related power tools of the trade engaged in, to include brazing, gas welding, gas cutting, and electric welding. Must have complete ability to trouble shoot on above mentioned plumbing problems. Must have valid driver's license is required (this will be tested).

Job Knowledge:
Must have knowledge in practices and procedures in plumbing wastewater treatment, pumping and potable water treatment is required.

Application Deadline: 31 Oct 2016