Cambridge A-Levels Merit Scholarship 2017 - HAVEN OF PEACE ACADEMY

Haven of Peace Academy is offering the opportunity for a small number of Tanzanian citizens to gain a merit scholarship worth up to 100% of the tuition fees for the school's AS and A level programme. Successful candidates will have genuine and proven financial need, as well as being outstanding academically and demonstrating great potential.

Applicants must be:

  • Tanzanian Citizens
  • At least 16 years of age and no older than 19 years of age by August 2017
  • Through Form 4 or its equivalent

Applicants need to demonstrate outstanding academic success in one of the following ways:

  • By achieving Division One (less than 13 points) in the 0 level National exams
  • By achieving high academic results in Form 4 or the equivalent
  • By achieving or being predicted to achieve top grades in International Examinations such as IGCSE

HOPAC is a Christian school but applicants may be from any religious background.
The award of a scholarship will be for a maximum of two years subject to the student II maintaining appropriate standards of behavior and academic performance.

The HOPAC AS and A Level programme offers a choice of rigorous courses leading to well recognised international qualifications. Typically, students choose 4 subjects in Grade 1  and continue with 3 of them to full A Level in Grade 12. In addition, students take other non-examined courses in Bible, Service Learning and Life Skills. The school encourage Leadership, Service and Stewardship in all areas of life.

Assessment of selected candidates will take place at Haven of Peace Academy and will include both a testing process and an interview.

For further details of the Grade 11 Merit Scholarship and the application process please

The College Counselor Assistant (Mrs. Ringo), Haven of Peace Academy, PO Box 70027, Dar es
Salaam. Phone 2650604/2650469 Fax: 2650364 Email: