Funding and communication Coordinator - Haydom Lutheran Referral Hospital (HLH


Haydom Lutheran Referral Hospital (HLH) is looking for experienced, competent
and result oriented person wtth very good communication skills, who can
coordinate the Hospital's work on mobilizing for fundraising activtties and material
resources as well as develop and manage the hospital's website content and
communication both nationally and internationally. 

The position is based in Haydom but will require regular travelling. The person
employed will be part of HLH's management team. Women are encouraged to
Commencement: as soon as possible.


Haydom Lutheran Hospital (Hl.H) is located in the Manyara region, 300 km
Arusha. It is among faith based Hospital (FBOs) upgraded to be a referral hospital
in the area and serves 7 districts in 4 regions. The hospital provides access to
health care for more than 300,000 people in its catchment area, and 2 million
people in the greater reference area. The hospital now has 400 beds capacity and
680 employees of different cadres. The hospital consists of several clinical
departments, a research department, School of Health Sciences and community
based cu~ural programs.

HLH works under the vision that the hospltal should cater for the needs of the
whole human being - physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. We focus on
reducing the burden of disease, poverty alleviation, capacity building and to create
good partnerships with other organizations who share the same vision and

The hospital is today largely funded by the Norwegian Government as weJI as th,e
Government of Tanzania and some private donors; To increase sustainability .of
its operation HLH has established a goal tocrease its donor base, Fundraising,
advocacy and communication are considered essential functions within' the
hospital organization. The Funding and Communication.Coordinator will therefore
be placed directly under the Managing Medical Director's Office.

2. Job description . ..

The duties and responsibilities of the Funding and Communication Coordinator
include, but are not limited to: ' .


• Upholding the mission, vision, values and general interest of the hospital at all
• Ambassadorship of the department and hospital in general during and outside
of working hours, within as well as outside of the hospital. .
• When requested, continuation of senior tasks in absence of the Head of the


• Maintenance of a safe, secure, sanitary and legal work environment for
resource mobilization.
• Mapping of potential donors; approach and introducing the HLH project.
Attention should be given to bilateral donors, philanthropic organisations,
foundations, research institutes.
• Work with each key department to identify priority areas and funding needs
and match these with donor interests and funding possibilities, and detect
anticipated funding gaps in 2•5 years periods.
• Networking in order to create and maintain an extensive international network
for fund raising and advocacy related goals.
• Collect and process data for funding proposals, develop high quality proposals
in line with HLH priority needs and development priorities and matching to
specific donor requirements, submit funding proposals for various types of
donors and make close follow up.
• Coordinate inputs from relevant key department and write progress reports
for funded projects.
• Responsible for communication contents  the hospital -website and other:
communication channels. .
• Utilizing various communication channels to spready knowledge about HLH's
work and results, e.g. social media, blogs, articles. Videos, newsletters, etc.
• Organization of fundraising events and campaign.
• Supporting intemal planning, monitoring and reporthig processes will also be
part of the job.

3. Qualifications

Required experiences

• Experience from developing communicatioh Material for various channels
(websttes, social media, brochures, etc). "
• Experience from national and/or intemational fund raising'.
• Good knowledge of donor priorities and regulations including those of
philanthropic foundations, and foreign government and multilateral develop-
ment agencies.
• Experience in developing projects, writing fundtlg prOpoSals and reporting.
• Understanding of rssuns-based management, project planning and manage-
ment cycles, and strong programme coordination design skills::
• Knowledge of the medical sector is a plus.
• Experience from intemational, multi-cultura/multination working environment
 is a plus.
• Fluency in EngliSh, spoken and written, isa requirement.
• Knowledge of Swahili is an advantage.

Education requirements: 

The selected person should have bachelor or masters degree in one or more of
the following fields:
• Communication
• Public Administration I Management
• Economic or political science

Personal qualities:

• Systematic, structured and results oriented
• Excellent communication and writing skills
• Excellent organizational and teamwork skills required; including prioritization,
planning and project coordination skills
• Self driven, supportive and good at involving and motivating others
• Mobility; availability and willingness to travel
• The person employed must be loyal to HLH' s Christian values

4. We offer .'

• 2 years renewable 'Contract with' attractive terms

5. Application Procedures

All application to be directed to

Managing Medical Director
Postal address: Haydom Lutheran Hospital
PO Box 9000 Haydom
Mbulu Manyara
Phone: +255 (0)27253319415
Fax: +255(0)272533734

6. Deadlines 05/12/2016.