DART SACCOS LTD Vacancies, August 2023


DART SACCOS LTD is a registered Savings and Credit Co-operative Society whose main objective is to raise, strengthen and develop the economic and social conditions of its members, in compliance with the Law, Rules and procedures of Cooperative Societies. Currently, the entity is aspiring to become the largest financial institution that provides the best services in Tanzania. Have a modern public transport system that is cost effective for users and profitable for operators using large buses of satisfactory quality international standards, which preserve the environment, will pass through special bus routes and thus reduce travel time. Until June 21, 2023, 86 members had been registered to join and benefit from DART SACCOSS while the association relies on the increase of other members as it accepts anyone even if they are not DART employees. To provide quality, accessible and affordable mass transport system and improve urban mobility for the residents of Dar es Salaam which will subsequently. To have a modern public transport system at reasonable cost to the users and yet profitable to the operators using a high quality capacity buses which meet international standards, environmentally friendly, operating on exclusive lanes, at less travelling time.


The organization is inviting applications from Tanzanians to apply for a new vacant position. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW:


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